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8 Ways Your Endocrinology Practice Can Benefit From Having a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Endocrinology practices stand to benefit a great deal from the use of portable ultrasound machines. Versatile and convenient, point-of-care ultrasound can provide quick diagnostic information and improve patient care. They can improve the efficiency of your practice and reduce costs for both physicians and patients.


mx7 ultrasound in doctors office

The Mindray MX7 ultrasound is an excellent choice for examining Endocrinology patients.


Here are eight ways your practice can benefit from using portable ultrasound machines:

1. Flexibility
In recent years, the number of endocrine conditions that ultrasound can detect has increased. A simple in-office ultrasound can confirm whether further testing is necessary and rule out some conditions.

2. Speed
When physicians tell patients that they may have cancer or another serious disease, they often feel anxious. A quick point-of-care ultrasound can provide information that indicates more care is needed or let the patient know that their results are likely normal.

3. Enhanced Patient Communication
When a patient receives an ultrasound in the endocrinologist's office, the imaging test can foster open communication between the patient and the physician. The patient can see the problem on the screen and ask questions.

4. Patient Convenience
Patients experience more convenient treatment with portable ultrasounds. When endocrinology patients can get a point-of-care ultrasound in the specialist's office, they do not need to travel to an ultrasound center or a hospital imaging center to get the care they need. Making another appointment at a remote site is a hassle for the patient and causes delays for the physician.

5. Reduced Costs for Patients and Physicians
Point-of-care ultrasound can help to reduce patient costs. Many hospitals and stand-alone imaging centers charge more for an ultrasound than specialists' offices. Patients will appreciate the savings compared to visiting a hospital center.
Portable ultrasound also reduces costs for physicians. Portable devices are much more affordable than standard machines and pay for themselves.

6. Diagnosing Many Thyroid Conditions
Following are some of the conditions a portable ultrasound can diagnose:

  • Hyperthyroid
  • Goiter
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Parathyroid
  • Hashimoto's Disease
  • Thyroiditis
  • Graves' Disease

7. Locate Tumors and Cysts

When an endocrinologist feels a possible abnormality in a manual exam, they need to know what is happening beneath the surface. A portable ultrasound can show where the problem is and what type of medical condition may be present. Portable ultrasound is especially helpful in diagnosing thyroid tumors and cysts.

8. Guide Aspirations and Biopsies
Endocrinologists often perform aspirations and biopsies on suspect thyroid masses. Having an ultrasound to guide the procedure makes it faster and more accurate.


03 mindray MX7 ultrasound machine for sale on trolley cart diagnostic doppler scanner for general imaging cardiovascular and OB GYN examinations

A Mindray MX portable ultrasound, often used by doctors to perform Endocrinology related exams, shown configured with an optional cart for easy transportation from room to room.


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If you have an endocrinology practice, portable ultrasound can benefit your daily activities and help your patients receive fast, accurate diagnoses. Ultrasound is especially valuable for diagnosing and treating thyroid conditions like cancer, Graves' Disease, and Hashimoto's. If you need help deciding which type of portable ultrasound is ideal for your practice, Universal Diagnostics can help you choose the right machine for your needs. Please call our office at 760-614-2726 to speak with our experienced sales team.



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