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2022 Innovative Trends for Portable Ultrasound Machines

ultrasound trends 2022

If you've had an ultrasound in the past few years, you may have noticed that the machines are smaller and more powerful than ever. Today's ultrasounds provide more detail to help your doctor make vital decisions. Over the next five years, analysts predict 13.8 percent growth in the portable ultrasound market. Top trends for 2022 include miniaturization, artificial intelligence, and increased equipment mobility. This article will explore the trends shaping the industry today.



Today, scientists work hard to find ways to make ultrasound machines smaller. New microfiber sensors can pick up objects as slim as three hairs. Focusing on tiny areas enables radiologists to see the smallest problems with arteries and veins. As science develops, portable machines will see these innovations. Handheld or pocket-sized ultrasound equipment is trending in 2022. The machines are shrinking, and the components are becoming smaller and more accurate. Handheld devices have less computing power than larger machines but can give physicians vital information anywhere. They can be an essential first-line diagnostic option.


Increased Mobility

Ultrasound equipment is becoming more portable. Mobile ultrasounds speed up hospital care because the staff does not need to move patients to the radiology floor. The ultrasound machine can come to them instead. Mobile ultrasound also means that smaller clinics provide better patient care than in years past. Patients no longer have to travel from rural areas to larger hospitals to receive detailed scans. Patient care in rural areas sometimes suffers due to a lack of equal access to technology, but portable ultrasound helps to level the playing field. As mentioned above, handheld ultrasound is another option for first responders and small clinics. Onsite scans help medical personnel see the problem before transporting a patient.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is changing ultrasound technology for the better. The University of Alberta tests handheld scanners. The study uses AI to compare results with a vast database. With this technology, remote providers can access the benefits of ultrasound without taking their patients to the hospital first. Hospitals will transport patients in the most need to more extensive facilities. Another example of how AI is changing ultrasound is in obstetrics. Comparing results to an AI-enabled database makes scan interpretation faster and more accurate. This technology allows doctors more time to explain results to their patients.


Understanding Industry Changes

Developing countries are gaining more access to technology. The aging global population requires more diagnostic care. Widespread trauma and disease lead to the sale of more portable ultrasound machines. Ultrasound machines are shrinking while increasing their diagnostic power. Miniaturization and AI make ultrasound data more valuable, and scans are more mobile than ever. Taking advantage of these advances means that your facility will enjoy better outcomes.


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