Philips HD3 Ultrasound Special

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Small, easy-to-use, mobile HD system
It is affordably priced for the office-based practice, hospital or clinic, yet packed with imaging capabilities and conveniences unavailable on most basic ultrasound systems.

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Imaging Modes:
• 2D Imaging
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• M-mode
• Freehand 3D
• Optional Color Doppler
• Optional Color Power Angio Imaging (CPA)
• Dual 2D/Color image mode with Cineloop
• Duplex for simultaneous 2D and Doppler
• Triplex mode for simultaneous 2D, Doppler and Color/CPA
• High resolution write zoom
• Trapezoidal imaging

Clinical Applications:
• Obstetrical
• General Abdominal
• Vascular
• Small Parts
• Pediatric
• Gynecological
• Adult Cardiac
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High definition performance in a system sized to fit your needs
Philips has a long-standing reputation for ultrasound imaging that helps improve diagnostic
confidence. The HD3 ultrasound system continues that standard with a broadband digital beamformer that captures and preserves more tissue information than conventional narrowband systems. Its wide dynamic range and digital focal tuning provide exceptional sensitivity and detail resolution.
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Advanced features in a compact design

Features that expand your capabilities and offer you more peace of mind are standard on the HD3 system. No longer do you have to settle for a single-application system. The HD3 lets you expand your clinical capabilities and patient service. Analysis packages and measurements for obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, vascular imaging and urology come standard. You can easily manage patient exam data on-board, on CD or through optional DICOM network connectivity.

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Easy to maneuver and ergonomically adjustable
The HD3 is lightweight, easy to push and maneuvers well in tight spaces. Its height adjustable control panel and unique flat panel monitor are designed to move like you do. They provide ergonomic positioning to help reduce work-related strain injuries and allow shared patient viewing. Convenient storage for multiple transducers, peripheral equipment and supplies also makes exams go quick and easy. Everything you need is right at hand.