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Make every day extraordinary.

The LOGIQ E9 with XDclear is a powerful and versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. With its intuitive, advanced capabilities, the LOGIQ E9 with XDclear allows you to make every day extraordinary

LOGIQ E9 with XDclear can help you:

Deliver extraordinary image quality on a broad spectrum of patient body types.
Visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler
Enhance your workflow.
Integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET, or ultrasound images.
Visually track your position during a scan.

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Extraordinary Images
Extraordinary images every day.

The LOGIQ E9 with XDclear features advanced technology that gives you the ability to capture extraordinary images on routine to difficult exams. Innovative system architecture provides the foundation for its extraordinary capabilities.

Agile Acoustic Architecture
Agile Acoustic Architecture uses proprietary dynamic models of the human body to help you acquire images on a broad spectrum of patients with minimal system adjustments.

LOGIQ E9 helps you:
Acquire images quickly and with less keystrokes.
Obtain image uniformity from the near to far field.
Achieve deep penetration even on large patients.
Help increase exam efficiency.
XDclear transducer technology
XDclear transducers are GE's highest performing transducers featuring advancements in acoustic engineering to help increase penetration1 and deliver high definition resolution. This technology is available on the C1-6 and C2-9 transducers.

Acoustic Amplifier Technology recycles previously wasted acoustic energy into the transducer's crystal, boosting sensitivity.
Single Crystal Technology increases bandwidth, offering better signal-to-noise ratio and improved axial resolution.
Cool Stack Technology is integrated into the transducer's internal architecture that relieves inherent heat generation that can otherwise reduce sensitivity and penetration.
Learn about XDclear technology.

There is a clinical challenge in using ultrasound to visualize blood flow and the depiction of the hemodynamic profile without unwanted signals from surrounding tissues. B-FlowTM, a GE imaging mode, uses non-Doppler technology to display true hemodynamics and enables direct visualization of blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.

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Enhanced workflow capabilities for your everyday.

The LOGIQ E9 has features designed to help enhance workflow, mobility, and convenience.

Compare Assistant helps clinicians perform ultrasound exams that involve comparisons to prior ultrasound or other modalities. With this feature, clinicians can view a prior study while conducting the current exam via a split screen on the ultrasound monitor.

Compare Assistant helps:

Enhance exam preparation
Replicate prior views
Standardize imaging protocols
Interpret with less pre-work, added confidence
Scan Assistant helps reduce keystrokes and performs tasks which can help free you to focus on your patient.

Initiates and auto-completes required measurements
Automatically steers Color Doppler
Sets up imaging controls and modes
Inserts comments
Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence.
A GE-commissioned study performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time.

Breast and Thyroid Productivity Packages help clinicians label, measure, and describe anatomy quickly and with confidence – and generate DICOMTM SR-compatible summaries.

Ergonomics designed for you

The LOGIQ E9 is 20% smaller and 100 pounds lighter than our previous premium ultrasound systems, and offers remarkable mobility.

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System Design

Highly intuitive user interface, button placements help reduce reaching
Full-sized, floating keyboard allows adjustment to personal preference
Customizable touch screen panel
Large monitor on an extended articulating monitor arm helps improve visibility and comfort during scanning.
Motorized adjustable height enables you to fit the system to your needs with the simple touch of a button.
Monitor tilts down to lessen obstruction while transporting the system.
Front and rear handles help make transport and maneuvering easy.
E-Series and XDclear transducers were designed with user input, featuring lighter materials, ridges for improved handling and proper grip, and flexible, lightweight cables.1

1. All comparisons based upon GE conventional ultrasound versus GE ultrasound featuring the above referenced features
DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.

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Expert Tools

The advanced technology of the LOGIQ E9 with XDclear was designed to offer extensive functionality beyond conventional ultrasound.1 The system provides an array of expert tools and technologies, including:

Shear Wave elastography provides a non–invasive, quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness in chronic liver disease and lesions in the liver, breast and small parts applications.

Color-coded elastogram and quantitative measurements
Dual or Single display option
Measurements in kPa or m/s
User selectable color maps
Adjustable color box and ROI depth and size
Volume Navigation technology combines multi-modality imaging with real-time ultrasound or previously acquired ultrasound exams. Volume Navigation is even easier with OmniTRAXTM active tracker which helps reduce registration time for CT/Ultrasound exams through auto-registration. Volume Navigation is even easier to use with new tools and accessories including new hardware, needle sizes, an active tracker and transducers with embedded V Nav sensors.2

Volume Navigation technology combines multi-modality imaging with real-time ultrasound or previously acquired ultrasound exams.

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Fusion merges real-time ultrasound with CT, MR, PET or ultrasound images, enabling you to benefit from the strengths of each exam.

GPS helps enable you to visually track your position during a scan from different views, help guide biopsies efficiently and effectively, and simplify the counting of masses, lesions and nodules.

Needle Tracking helps you achieve a high level of accuracy for guided procedures by enhancing precision with a re-usable sensor that displays the exact position of the needle tip.

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Additional Expert Tools

Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness) helps provide automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness measurements to help reduce the exam time while evaluating the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness.

Elastography helps evaluate tissue stiffness to obtain additional diagnostic information that can aid you in making patient management decisions. Learn more about elastography.

Volume Ultrasound lets clinicians construct volumetric images in real-time and observe anatomy in any plane.

Multiplanar imaging allows you to view any plane individually or simultaneously with other orthogonal planes.

The C-plane allows you to display areas in an imaging plane parallel to the skin—ordinarily impossible using conventional 2D ultrasound.

Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) enables volume data to be viewed in multiple slices, much like CT and MR.

Volume Calculation (VOCAL) helps you evaluate irregular structures by automatically calculating volumes based on automated or manual tracing of the structure.

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Cardiac Tools

Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), a cardiac tool that measures the myocardial velocities longitudinally, evaluating systolic and diastolic function.

Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD) measures segmental velocity of the myocardium longitudinally.

Q-Analysis plots the velocity information of discrete points for graphical analysis.