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Reconditioning a Portable Ultrasound Machine


 All systems we deliver are guaranteed to operate at factory specifications


  • Clean and inspect display.
  • Clean and inspect fans, grills, and filters
  • Clean and inspect power supplies
  • Clean and inspect user interface, keys, knobs, sliders and system panels / casing
  • Clean and inspect accessories including: footswitches, peripherals, power cords, etc.
  • Prep and mask for paint using only OEM matched color, finish and texture


  • Record system software and hardware levels
  • Record options and configuration
  • Validate software, options, configuration, transducer and peripheral devices are consistent with customer sales agreement contract


  • Properly box transducers, operators manual and accessories
  • Properly wrap system and boxes with antistatic protective bubble covered by shrink wrap
  • Clearly label with destination and warning/warranty labels
  • Include detailed inventory packing list


  • Validate system passes available manufacturer diagnostics
  • Validate power supplies operate within manufacturer tolerance
  • Validate system video is aligned and calibrated
  • Validate proper operation of trackball / track pad assembly
  • Repair or replace defective PCBs, controllers, power supplies, displays, and peripheral devices (including such details as both VCR, audio channels and mic)
  • Final Quality Assurance (QA) inspection performed by OEM technician prior to system packaging and shipping.

Quality Assurance

  • Full system analysis and testing prior to shipment
  • 24 Hour Stress Test

Support Options

  • 1-5 year service support contracts available
  • Full depot warranty
  • Technical Training
  • Online and OnSite Applications Training


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