Portable Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance

Protect your investment with our preventative maintenance services. Extend the life of your portable ultrasound system and avoid unexpected repair bills. Maintaining your ultrasound system properly will yield long term savings and keep your system up and running.



Flat Rate Service $495.00

This includes ground return shipping. Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge.
For more information regarding our Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance please contact the UDS Service Department at 760-429-7634

Have Confidence in Your Ultrasound Machine

Our multi-step system checkup certifies that your portable ultrasound is currently providing accurate and consistent scans.

    UDS Preventative Maintenance Checklist
  Produce clear Phantom Images of probe measuring respective markings for accuracy
  Determine any existing problems or issues with system
  Check error logs, clear logs, run Diagnostic tests, evaluate errors
  Inspect system controls, power cord and cables for cracks, cuts, wear
  Inspect probes for damage or wear
  Perform system and transducer electrical safety checks
  Clean transducers
  Verify performance of imaging and non-imaging transducers
  Check and verify voltage on battery
  Backup system presets
  Clean all external surfaces
  Clean all filters if applicable
  Check system and power supply fans
  Clean Display and verify performance
  Clean and inspect keyboard, trackball, and electronics
  Perform keyboard/control panel tests
  Check peripherals for functionality and clean
  Verify complete system operation


Has your portable ultrasound been serviced in the last year? With our thorough ultrasound system checkup you can have confidence that your ultrasound system is performing correctly when you need it. Let our experienced ultrasound repair technicians meticulously validate that your machine is performing at optimal levels. Send us your ultrasound today and we will carefully examine the machine so you can be 100% certain it is operating per manufacturer specifications.


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