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About Chison

With know-how of transducer design and a strong technical support force of modern biomedical engineering professionals of software & electronics, CHISON has specialized in the development & manufacturing of high quality ultrasound systems for over 16 years. With over 305 employees, Chison has the ability to oversee and ensure each system is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Chison is ISO & CE certified by TUV in Germany, and has also received FDA approval from USA.


Chison Portable Ultrasound Systems

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Chison SonoTouch 20 Portable Ultrasound

OB/GYN, MSK, Vascular/Vascular Access, General imaging, Small parts, Emergency Medicine, Abdominal


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Chison SonoTouch 30 Portable Ultrasound

OB/GYN, MSK, Vascular/Vascular Access, General imaging, Small parts, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia


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Chison ECO3 Expert Portable Ultrasound

Abdominal, OB/GYN, Urology, MSK, Pediatric, Small Parts, Cardiac Screening


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Chison Q5 Portable Ultrasound

OB/GYN, Vascular, General imaging, MSK, Urology, Small parts, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac Screening


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Chison Q9 Portable Ultrasound

OB/GYN, Vascular, MSK, Urology, Small parts, Neonatal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac



Chison Company History

  • 1996 Chison is founded by Mr. Mo , who was recognized as the industry National Expert by the Chinese government for his technological breakthroughs in transducer technology.

  • 1997 Chison launches 600 series ultrasound systems.

  • 2002 Awarded CE certificate by TUV Germany.

  • 2003 Chison launches 8300 series digital ultrasound systems.

  • 2004 Chison becomes the Number 1 exporter of Chinese ultrasound systems.

  • 2005 The first company in China to launch a 3D BW ultrasound system.

  • 2006 Chison launches digital color Doppler systems.

  • 2008 Chison expands local headquarters to a new 7,280sq ft. facility including in house R&D center.

  • 2009 Chison obtains FDA approval and CE certificate for full series of color Doppler systems.

  • 2011 Chison releases world’s first tablet color doppler ultrasound - SonoTouch.

  • 2012 Chison establishes national R&D center in the Silicon Valley, USA

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