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WELLD mEye Ultrasound Machine For Sale

welld mEye ultrasound


WELLD mEye Portable Tablet Ultrasound

  • Applications:

    General Abdominal
    Vascular Access

  • Features:

    12" Touch Screen
    Automatic Image Optimization 
    Smooth Filter
    Speckle Noise Reduction
    Line Density
    Tissue Harmonics
    Color Doppler
    Pulsed Wave Doppler
    Transducer "Button" Control
  • Transducer Options:

    R50/2.5-5.0MHz Convex
    L38/6.5-13MHz Linear
    R20/2.5-5.0MHz Micro-Convex
    L25/8.5-13MHz Linear
    R10/5.4-8.5MHz Transvaginal
    R15/4.4-8.0MHz Micro-Convex

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