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SonoStar UProbe C6C Convex Wireless Ultrasound Probe

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SonoStar Wireless Ultrasound Scanner. The Sonostar UProbe-C6C is a wireless convex probe ultrasound machine with color doppler.

SonoStar C6C Ultrasound Specifications:
Color Doppler Wireless Ultrasound
Imaging Modes: B, B/M, color, PW, PDI imaging
Element: 192 Element, 3.5/5MHz, R60, Smaller
Weight: 200g
32 transmitting channels
256 shades of gray
Scanning depth: 90 to 305 mm
Dynamic range: 40 to 110
Gain: 30 to 105dB
Weight: 200g
Connectivity: Wireless connection via WiFi Work with any kind of smartphones, tablets or laptops
Operating System: Support for Android, iOS, Windows OS


SonoStar UProbe C6C (Convex) and UProbe L6C (Linear) Sample Video

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