Siemens Acuson X300 Ultrasound Special

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Compact. Efficient. Uncompromised performance.

The ACUSON X300 ultrasound system delivers exceptional imaging performance in a compact, portable package. When you need to be mobile, or when space is limited, this fully featured system meets your most demanding operational and clinical challenges.


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Get more than you expect.

ACUSON X300 Ultrasound System

The all-digital ACUSON X300™ system is engineered to deliver the clinical performance you need across a wide range of imaging applications:

Emergency Medicine
Stress Echo

Versatile and easy to work with. 
The X300 system is a compact platform that moves quickly and easily in tight clinical spaces.

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Streamlined clinical workflow.
Standard features such as the integrated DIMAQ-IP workstation, a user customizable control panel, and optional TGO™ Tissue Grayscale Optimization technology, streamline your workflow for greater clinical efficiency:
Faster exams from patient setup to image review
Store, recall and manage data quickly
Fast and easy reporting
One-button image optimization
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Advanced ErgoDynamic design.
The X300 system helps minimize sonographer scanning discomfort and maximizes efficiency like never before: Compact size for easy mobility.
A fully adjustable 15-inch flat panel display and large onscreen fonts reduce eye strain and improve readability
A height-adjustable control panel increases system flexibility across many different users.
A lightweight, compact system architecture facilitates mobility within the hospital or clinic.
Hanafy lens technlogy and SynAps™ synthetic aperture technology increase imaging penetration reducing the amount of pressure needed to examine technically difficult-to-image patients.
The X300 features a customizable system architecture that allows you to address your unique workflow needs. You can tailor your patient registration and exam menus, display area and freeze behavior to anticipate your next move and increase the efficiency of your practice.
Intuitive, user customizable control panel is fast to learn and easy to use.
Archive with flexibility by saving completed exams to CD/DVD, USB or integrating workflow into DICOM-enabled networks.

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Advanced technology. Confident diagnosis.

Cardiac and OB structured reporting: Speeds up clinical reporting by automatically transferring patient, measurement and calculation data to DICOM reporting packages.

Advanced technologies, such as MultiBeam image formation, are enhanced by a variety of wideband transducers to provide superior image quality, application versatility, and confident diagnosis.
MultiBeam formation technology: Enables parallel signal processing providing high frame rates for exceptional temporal resolution in B-mode, color Doppler and mixed modes.
Hanafy lens transducer technology: Enhances uniformity throughout the field of view, for superior contrast resolution in abdominal imaging to a depth of 30 cm.
Tissue harmonic imaging: Dramatically improves contrast and spatial resolution by reducing noise and clutter, providing excellent image quality in all patients.
Cardiac imaging package: Includes a comprehensive set of imaging modes, features and reporting packages to address the requirements of cardiac exams.
Stress Echo package: Integrated and user programmable for streamlined cardiac workflow.
DTI Doppler tissue imaging capability: Color and pulsed wave DTI capability processes Doppler frequency shift information from moving tissue and displays physiologic data providing additional clinical information on myocardial function.