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Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound For Sale

Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound For Sale

The Mindray TEX20 Series was inspired by the increasing clinical demands of today’s challenging healthcare environments, the series adopts advanced technologies and integrates them into an accessible, patient-centered solution.


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A New and Innovative Ultrasound Solution

The Mindray TEX20 series ultrasound has an innovative new design that helps clinicians reimagine their clinical practice in demanding environments like critical care and emergency medicine. With its patient-centered information solution, extreme image clarity, clinical-oriented workflow, smart tools, and thoughtful design, the series helps you to provide a higher quality of service at any point of care.


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Overview

Overview of the Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound 


Confident diagnosis and treatment

The revolutionary ZST platform provides market-leading ultrasound image clarity that allows for an excellent balance of spatial and temporal resolution, and image uniformity, thus supporting increased clinical confidence.

Reliable decision making

Mindray’s groundbreaking X-Link solution assists in improving clinical decision-making by integrating the ultrasound image and the patient physiological information seamlessly. This leads to a more efficient and comprehensive view of the patient’s status thus improving clinical decision-making and elevating patient outcomes.

Quick & precise assessment and guidance

Incorporating a full suite of Smart Tools, such as AutoEF Plus for systolic function evaluation, Auto DFR for diastolic function evaluation, Smart Echovue for cardiac view recognition and guidance, Smart VTI/IVC/B-line for fluid management, the series offers an efficient and reliable way to face the challenges in point of care settings.


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound with Patient in Exam Room

A sonographer is performing a medical examination on a patient using a Mindray TEX20 Ultrasound System.


Refreshing experience

To further enhance workflow and then elevate the user experience, the series incorporates a wireless transducer, wireless charging station, and wireless voice control, thus untethering the user from the typical constraints experienced with conventional systems.

Information Integration Improves Decision-making

Types of bedside equipment provide various physiological information, including ultrasound imaging, ECG signals, respiratory signals, etc. The X-Link integrates these data and offers a brand new view of the patient’s course of the disease. It not only brings high-quality clinical value and accurate diagnosis to your daily practice but also facilitates Multi-Disciplinary Treatment (MDT) and more advanced multi-modal clinical research. With the Physio-View on X-Link, ECG and other physiological waves can be viewed overlaying on the ultrasound image for immediate decision-making. While with U-View on X-Link, the ultrasound image and other physiological information can be integrated into Central Station for a general review. This solution brings you the unprecedented tool to achieve a higher level of diagnostic bedside care and scientific research.

Enhanced clinical confidence powered by ZST+

The series is embedded with the innovative ultrasound platform, ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST ), delivering exceptional image quality for enhanced clinical confidence.
Equipped with Mindray’s 3T technology (Triple-matching layers, Total-cut design, Thermal control), the series offers a full suite of transducers for a wide variety of applications, including convex, linear, phased array, endocavity, TEE, and cutting-edge wireless transducer. The single crystal (phased array and convex) transducers provide a wider bandwidth to simultaneously offer better penetration and higher resolution, resulting in an ideal solution for technically difficult patients.


Mindray TEX20 Ultrasound X Link Physio View on Ultrasound

An example medical image was taken during a patient examination and scanned using a Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound.


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Features

X-Pilot: Clinical application-oriented workflow
Based on the professional society guidelines for point-of-care ultrasound, the X-Pilot suite integrates historical diagnostic images and multi-organ data and summarizes the information into a concise and precise view of the patient status to support rapid clinical decisions at the bedside.

Application - Shock
Assists in identifying shock type, in accordance with RUSH, FALLS, and GDE protocols.

Application - Respiration
Helps in the evaluation of acute respiratory distress, in accordance with BLUE protocol.

Application - Trauma
Assists in finding free fluid in the thorax, pericardium, abdomen, and pelvic cavity, to help expedite FAST and eFAST exams


Empowering Capabilities with Smart Tools

  • AutoEF Plus
  • Auto DFR (Auto Diastolic Function Ratio)
  • Smart Echovue
  • Smart Fluid Management
  • Smart TTQA
  • Smart Nerve


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Wireless Transducer

A patient is being scanned with the Mindray TEX20 using a wireless ultrasound transducer. 


Expanded Wireless Solution

Mindray is dedicated to making quality healthcare more accessible. Adhering to this concept, the TEX20 series delivers a full set of wireless solutions to make your practice more efficient in fast-paced, demanding clinical environments. Those solutions include a wireless transducer, a wireless charging station, and wireless voice control. The wireless phased array transducer, the i3P, has a small footprint, is lightweight, and charges quickly, thus providing an excellent user experience. The powerful inner core allows you to diagnose and treat confidently with market-leading image quality and advanced analysis tools. With infection control at the top of its mind, the i3P transducer has an IP68 waterproof rating, so that can be fully immersed during the disinfection process.


More Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Features

  • 23.8'' rotatable full-touch HD screen allows for both landscape and portrait display to meet the needs of various clinical scenarios
  • Sealed interface for fluid resistance and ease of disinfection
  • Wireless voice control (iVocal Plus) for hands-free operation
  • 4 active transducer connectors
  • Flexible storage design: Wireless transducer charger / Lockable storage basket / Towelette holster
  • Wireless charging station
  • Retractable cord to reduce tripping hazards and contamination concerns


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Transducers

Convex Transducers Compatible with the Mindray TEX20 Series

Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Machine Convex Transducers


Sector Transducers Compatible with the Mindray TEX20 Series

Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Machine Sector Transducers


Linear Transducers Compatible with the Mindray TEX20 Series

Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Machine Linear Transducers


Micro-Convex, Endocavity, TEE, and Intra-operative Transducers Compatible with the Mindray TEX20 Series

Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Machine Micro convex Endocavity TEE Intra operative Transducers


Mindray C5-1s Convex Transducer
Bandwidth: 1.2-6.0MHz
Extended FOV: 72°
Convex Radius: 50 mm
Abdominal, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Vascular, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, Urology, Thoracic/Pleural, Small Organ, Pediatric
Biopsy Kit: NGB-022, multi angle, reusable;LPUBKG60, disposable


Mindray SC6-1s Convex Transducer
Bandwidth: 1.2-6.0MHz
Extended FOV: 71°
Convex Radius: 60 mm
Abdominal, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Vascular, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, Urology, Thoracic/Pleural, Small Organ, Pediatric
Biopsy Kit: NGB-022, multi-angle, reusable;LPUBKG60, disposable


Mindray C11-3s Micro-convex Transducer
Bandwidth: 2.6-12.8MHz
Extended FOV: 113°
Convex Radius: 15 mm
Abdominal, Vascular, Small Organ, Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, Cardiac, Cephalic, Thoracic/Pleural
Biopsy Kit: NGB-018, multi-angle, reusable


Mindray V11-3Hs Endocavity Transducer
Bandwidth: 3.0-11 MHz
ExFOV: 210°
Radius: 11 mm
Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology
Biopsy Kit: NGB-025, single angle, reusable; CIVCO 610-543, disposable; CIVCO 610-1274, disposable


Mindray L12-3RCs Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 3.0-12.9MHz
Field of View (max): 38.2mm
Small Organ, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Thoracic/Pleural, Ophthalmic, Abdominal, Pediatric
Biopsy Kit: NGB-043, multi-angle, reusable; NGB-044, multi-depth, reusable


Mindray L12-3VNs Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 3.0-12.9 MHz
FOV: 38.2mm
Small Organ, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Thoracic/Pleural, Ophthalmic, Abdominal, Pediatric
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray L9-3s Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 2.5-9.0MHz
Field of View (max): 43.9mm
Small Organ, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Nerve, Thoracic/Pleural, Abdominal, Pediatric, Obstetrics
Biopsy Kit: NGB-034, multiangle, reusable


Mindray L14-6Ns Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 3.5-16MHz
Field of View (max): 38.2mm
Small Organ, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Thoracic/Pleural, Ophthalmic, Abdominal, Pediatric
Biopsy Kit: NGB-007, multi-angle, reusable; CIVCO 658-001, disposable


Mindray L20-5s Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 6.0-23.0MHz
Field of View (max): 28.7mm
Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Nerve, Abdominal, Small Organ, Ophthalmic
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray SP5-1s Sector Transducer
Bandwidth: 1.0-4.5MHz
Field of View (max): 90°
Cardiac, Cephalic, Abdominal, Vascular, Obstetrics, Thoracic/Pleural
Biopsy Kit: NGB-011, multi-angle, reusable


Mindray i3P Sector Transducer
Bandwidth: 1.0-5.0MHz
Field of View (max): 90°
Cardiac, Cephalic, Abdominal, Thoracic/Pleural, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Pediatric, Vascular
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray P7-3Ts TEE Transducer
Bandwidth: 2.3-7.2MHz
Field of View (max): 90°
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray P8-2Ts TEE Transducer
Bandwidth: 2.3-7.2MHz
Field of View (max): 90°
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray L16-4Hs Intra-operative Transducer
Bandwidth: 3.5-16.0MHz
Field of View (max): 25.4mm
Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Small Organ, Vascular, Pediatric, Intraoperative, Cephalic
Biopsy Kit: Not available


Mindray TEX20 Series Ultrasound Video Overview



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