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Dolphin Medical Imaging DMI RN Ultrasound

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Nursing Vascular Access - Designed by Nurses for Nurses!

Over a third of adults and half of children have difficult-to-access veins. DMI RN Ultrasound is designed to be simple, safe, and fast for difficult to access patients. Using DMI RN reduces disruption of workflow, improves patient satisfaction, and increases nursing expertise and confidence.


DMI RN ultrasound interface touchscreen windows surface with patient during examination

The DMI RN ultrasound with a patient during a medical procedure.


According to A clinical pathway for the management of difficult venous access

"The Infusion Nurse Society recommends ultrasound for IV access in difficult to access patients."


Supported Procedures
Peripheral IV Access (PIV)
Central Venous Access (CVA)
PICC Lines
Arterial Blood Gas Sampling and A-Line Insertion


Peripheral vessels for use by nurses, EMTs, phlebotomists, PAs, respiratory therapists, and other trained allied healthcare professionals.


DMI RN ultrasound interface touchscreen windows surface

The DMI RN is equipped with a simple to use touchscreen user interface.


DMI RN Ultrasound Transducer Specifications:

Depth Range: 2 cm (Peripheral Access) 4 cm (Central Access)

Frequency: 10 MHz

Weight: 80 grams

Cable: USB 2.0, 2 meters

Regulatory FDA Cleared for sale in the U.S. (K192573)



Tablet Computer: We recommend a Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 10 tablet computer for use with the DMI RN (not included).

Tablet IV Pole: Ask us about an IV pole mount for the Surface Go tablet.




DMI RN Example Video: Starting an IV Line with Ultrasound Guidance



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