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Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners for iPhone and Android
Clarius offers pocket-size ultrasound scanner with the image quality physicians expect from a high-end traditional ultrasound system for the most affordable price.

Proven Technology for Superior Imaging
For deeper scanning and the best imaging over time, Clarius scanners incorporate the same transducer technology used by all high-end ultrasound systems. To process data quickly, Clarius scanners have eight beamformers compared to only one used in most handheld ultrasound scanners. Clarius has automated image quality adjustments to give you a great image at the touch of a button

3 clarius ultrasound medical scanner for iphone and android

Octal Beamforming for Detailed and Fast Imaging
Clarius is the only handheld ultrasound scanner with advanced Octal Beamforming technology, typically found in premium cart-based systems

Eight Beamformers compared to one on most handheld scanners
8x faster frame rates
8x more data processed for higher resolution

system on chip 768x589
Great Imaging Made Easy with Artificial Intelligence
Clarius Scanners incorporate advanced AI technologies to provide a great image. Place the scanner on the area you want to see and leave the rest to AI. You also have the flexibility to fine-tune an image to your specifications.

WI-FI Direct Means Wireless Freedom
With Clarius Scanners, you don’t have to worry about contaminating wires or cables. Clarius has perfected our Wi-Fi technology so you’ll be connected and scanning within seconds of turning on the system and the Clarius App.

Image quality matters
Clarius HD is the result of our uncompromised dedication to give you only the best in image quality.

cardiac4chcolor 1   Vascular Carotid Jugular C3 500 height Optimized

Highly Sensitive and Trusted Piezoelectric Arrays
Clarius HD employs the same transducer technology used by all high-end cart-based systems. Piezoelectric (PZT) elements remain the best technology for deeper scanning and reduced noise.

Consistent imaging over time
Unlike other technologies where acoustic properties can degrade over time, PZT arrays will perform like the day it was first used over its lifetime. Its solid-state nature provides you with consistent and reliable performance for as long as you own it.

Advanced Hardware
The heart of Clarius HD’s great image quality lies in its cutting-edge “System-on-a-chip” hardware. This advanced hardware is powerful enough to allow our engineers to equip Clarius HD with our Octal Beamforming technology.

octal 1 768x494
More beamformers than any handhelds
While most handheld scanners support only 1-2 beamformers, Clarius employs the same advanced 8 beamformer processing used by higher-end systems. Thanks in part to our advanced hardware and software architecture, we able to process 8x more data than most handhelds on the market.

8x More data processed for higher resolution
While other handheld systems struggle with tissue harmonics at higher frequencies, Clarius is able to achieve it with the increase of data processing by Octal Beamforming. This allows you to view stunning details at higher frequencies.

8x Faster Frame Rates
Clarius' Octal Beamforming technology also allows for increased frame rates for deep imaging. This results in smoother and sharper images while scanning.

Tap, pinch and slide with the Clarius App
Not everyone can be skilled at adjusting frequencies, focal zones, and TGC to obtain a great image; not alone understanding that they even mean. That's why our engineers automated image quality adjustments to give you a great image to start with.

Clarius AI Assistance Powers Automated Adjustments
The only adjustment you need to make is to set depth by sliding your finger up and down.

ai2 1 478x1024Automated Imaging Gain
While imaging, every ultrasound frame is analyzed to determine if the image brightness requires an increase or decrease depending on the workflow and depth selected. An override method is provided for users who want to provide an additional adjustment to fine-tune the image so that it falls in line with their most optimal clinical interpretation.

Auto Frequency
Clarius uses technology that allow us to adapt the actual frequency range to different applications. Depending on the application, need for penetration, and resolution, Clarius scanners have sliding filters dependent on presets. The receive filters’ sliding frequency changes dynamically as a function of depth, to emphasize the desired frequency.

autofocus 1
Auto Depth
Other than gain, two of the most important controls on any ultrasound system are frequency and focal zones. These parameters help determine the resolution and depth of penetration, as well as place anatomy in a specified focal field for optimal viewing. The Clarius Scanner eliminates the need for users to adjust frequency and focal zones by making internal adjustments based on the depth selected by the user. By simply sliding up or down on the image, the imaging depth will change and automatically optimize the image for the selected view.

focus 1Auto Focusing
The combination of multi-line beamforming and synthetic-focus beamforming allows Clarius scanners to generate premium image quality at a high frame rate. The resulting image is uniformly focused from top to bottom and does not require the user to adjust any focusing parameters. As a result, the scanners provide high-quality image as well as a simplified workflow.

Multipurpose Ultrasound Scanner by Clarius

C3 HD - Multipurpose
2–6 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm
Abdominal, Lung, OB/GYN
Cardiac, Superficial, Vascular
scanner c3

Specialty Ultrasound Scanners by Clarius

L15 HD - High Frequency Linear
Frequency: 5–15 MHz
Max Depth: 7 cm
Injections, Breast, MSK, Nerve, Small Parts, Superficial
scanner l15

Phased Array
PA HD - Cardiac
Frequency: 1-4 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm
Cardiac, Abdominal, Lung
OB/GYN, Vascular Access
scanner pa

EC7 HD - Endocavity
Frequency: 3-10 MHz
Max Depth: 15 cm
Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology
scanner ec7

L7 HD - Linear
Frequency: 4–13 MHz
Max Depth: 11 cm
Vascular, Lung, MSK, Small Parts, Nerve
scanner l7

C7 HD - Microconvex
Frequency: 3–10 MHz
Max Depth: 15 cm
Paediatrics, Neonatal, Spine, Vet
scanner c7


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