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Smart Laptop with Premium Performance

SonoBook 8 is an outstanding ultrasound system with compact, light and robust alloy casing design, tailored for users who need maximum mobility, but also demand powerful functions. With its adaptive, agile and advanced design, SonoBook 8 most optimum choice.

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Chison SonoBook 8 Ultrasound System Specifications


• Ultra 15" LED HD screen

• Ultra-Light< 12 lbs (with battery)
• Ultra-Slim
• Ultra-compact
• Ultra-deep penetration > 30cm
• Ultra-superficial observation < 2mm
• Ultra-slow velocity detection < 2cm/s
• Ultra-high velocity detection > 40m/s

• Boot up around 1min
• Shut down < 12s
• Still image and cine can be saved in 1s
• Instant switch between different modes & measurements

• Versatile solutions: Cardiovascular, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Small Parts, General Imaging, Vascular, Intensive Care, Emergency, MSK, ICU
• Supports wide ranges of probes
• Covering 1.5 MHz- 18 MHz frequency range
• 192 elements high density probe
• Innovative probe (available)
• Large Storage Size (10 thousands of images and cines)

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More Connectable
• Intelligent patients'data management
• SonoDocking: DVI-I, Foot-Switch, Video-Out, remote, S-Video
• USB3.0
• Wifi-Compatible
• DICOM: Structure report, worklist, storage, print

• AIO (Automatic Image Optimization for B mode & D mode)
• Auto Measurement: Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto -trace for PW, Auto-trace for follicles and breast lesions
• User-defined workflow
• Auto-ambient adjustment tailor to indoor & outdoor uses

• SSD for lower power consumption
• Standby mode to save energy
• Auto-ambient adjustment to save battery life Low heat and noise design
• Up to 1 week battery life in standby mode
• Up to 2 hours of continuous use in active mode

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Chison SonoBook 8 Ultrasound System Features

• Instant response.
• Innovative transducer technologies are used for extraordinary cardiac performance.
• Comprehensive cardiac measurement packages: Semi-auto Simpson, PISA, etc.
• Customizable cardiac measurement workflow.
• Probes: Adult & Pediatric phased array.

• Versatile probes covering 1.5 MHz-18 MHz.
• Efficient workflow for different clinical applications.
• Real-time curved panoramic imaging.
• Advanced technologies: Q-beam,Q-flow,Q-image, FHI, X-contrast.
• Extraordinary performance for easy diagnosis.
• Probes: Convex, Linear, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Micro-Convex, etc.

• Superior anesthesia performance.
• Super Needle enhance needle without degrading the image.
• 2D steer.
• Multi-zoom function for tiny structures, full screen to enlarge the image area.
• Probes: 192 elements linear, 18M Hz high frequency probe, button-probe.

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Critical Care
• Portable design < 12 lbs.
• Fast and reliable performance.
• Dedicated process for ICU purpose.
• Triple probe connectors and precision cart( option).
• Instant response.
• Excellent battery life, up to 2 hours in active mode, up to 1 week in standby mode.
• Probes: Phased array, Convex, Linear, Micro-convex, Button-probe.

• Fast boot-up.
• Longer battery life up to 2 hours active mode, fast battery swap.
• Auto-ambient adjustment for indoor and outdoor environment.
• Durable & robust design for challenging environment.
• Probes: Phased array, Linear, TV, Button-probe.
• Built-in FAST preset.
• Wifi-compatible.

Button Probe
• Remote control of the system through probe buttons, free your left hand for other important work.
• Program the P button for simple fast and precise work.
• Provide immediate image refinement with one click.
• Easy control and easy hold.

Chison SonoBook 8 Ultrasound Probes / Transducers

L8M-V Linear

MC6-V Micro-Convex

MC3-V Micro-Convex

R7-V Trans Rectal

E7W-V Transvaginal

E6-V Transvaginal

P5-V Phased array

P2-V Phased array

L7SVA-V Linear

L8M5-V Linear

L12-V Linear

L7-V Linear

C3-V Convex

sonobook8 probes
Chison SonoBook 8 with Mobile Cart
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