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Chison EBit 60 Portable Ultrasound For Sale

System Description:

The Chison EBit 60 ultrasound provides all the power you need for today´s challenging clinical environment, yet remains ultra-portable, ultra-affordable. The Chison Ebit 60 has cutting-edge imaging technologies, precise and intuitive workflow, ergonomic and eco-friendly design, and versatile transducers for all applications from head to toe.

pdf icon tiny Chison EBit 60 Ultrasound Brochure

Applications: Cardiology, OB&GYN, Radiology, Abdominal, Pediatric, MSK, Breast, Vascular and Small parts


Light Weight(7.5kg)
15" LED (Rotatable 0°~30°)
Removable battery with 120 minutes in active mode
Dual transducer ports
Ergonomic trolley (accessory box, printer & probe holders)
Full Screen Display Mode 
Advanced Cardiac Packages
Innovative technologies: FHI, Q-image, X-contrast, Q-flow, Q-Beam


MC5-E Micro-Convex

MC6-E Micro-Convex

MC3-E Micro-Convex

L7R-E Trans Rectal

V7-E Transvaginal

V6-E Transvaginal

P6-E Phased array

P3-E Phased array

L7W-E Linear

L12-E Linear

L7-E Linear

C3-E Convex