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0 chison ebit 30 ultrasound machine cart scanner for OB gyn womens health patient exams
System Description:


FHI is an innovative harmonic imaging technology that uses multiple transmission and receiving methods based on the patients' size and weight. This allows the EBit to maintain image resolution when imaging larger patients.

Better than traditional THI and phased harmonic which compromise the penetration.

Chison's FHI technology greatly improves diagnostic abilities and clinical confidence in larger, difficult-to-image patients.



These innovative algorithms have strengthened the image enhancement results significantly.

Advanced chipset is used to ensure fast frame rate.



Compared to the traditional dual-beam former on most ultrasound machines, the EBit 30 uses quad-beam technology for ultrasound signal receiving.

Doubles the volume of signals received from traditional methods, increasing image resolution and generating more accurate images.

Produces higher frame rates, ensuring better diagnostic confidence and efficiency, especially for moving organs.


Virtual HD

The latest innovation in real-time 4D with powerful imaging engine.
Greatly strengthen the bond between mother and fetus.

Moveable virtual light source for optimizing image result.



Elastography displays tissue stiffness in real time to provide doctors with additional diagnostic information when scanning organs like liver and breast.

chison ebit 30 specifications
chison ebit ultrasound machine cart


V7-E Transvaginal
V6-E Transvaginal
MC6-E Micro-Convex
MC5-E Micro-Convex
V4-EV Volume
MC3-E Micro-Convex
L12-E Linear
L7W-E Linear
L7R-E Trans-Rectal
L7-E Linear
C3-E Convex