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AvantSonic Z5 Bladder Scanner Ultrasound Machine

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System Description:


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The AvantSonic Z5 device uses a 3D mechanical sector scanning probe to perform ultrasound detection of the bladder. The ultrasound imaging principle is used to measure the bladder volume through the abdominal body surface. The use of the product is not affected by bladder occupying lesions and can effectively identify the bladder wall.

The product is widely used in clinical applications:

Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Spine surgery, Neurology, ICU, Emergency department, Endocrinology, Physical Examination Center, Nursing and Health Care Institutions, Home rehabilitation, Elderly Nursing Centers.

Non-invasive and immediate detection of bladder volume, no need for professional ultrasound doctors, suitable for use in various departments.

Can be used as a daily care device for the ward to reduce the urinary tract infection rate associated with the catheter (CAUTI).

In the pelvic floor radiotherapy, monitor the bladder capacity to ensure accurate radiotherapy at the pelvic floor.

Evaluation of bladder function before and after gynecological pelvic floor surgery.

Evaluation of various urinary diseases, urinary management, bladder function monitoring.

Rehabilitation nursing of patients with neurogenic bladder, spinal cord injury and stroke patients, to help assess the recovery of bladder function.

Before the implementation of intermittent catheterization, the measurement of bladder capacity and bladder pressure to set the catheterization time is conducive to the recovery and reconstruction of bladder function.

Diagnose different types of urinary incontinence and dysuria, and determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Bladder volume before urination and postvoid residual volume after urination


More AvantSonic Z5 Bladder Scanner Ultrasound Systems Specifications

Probe specification 2.5MHz 3D mechanical sector scanning

Sector scanning angle: 120°

Volume measurement accuracy: ± 10%

Volume measurement range: 0 ml ~ 999 ml

The volume measurement results are displayed in milliliters (ml)

Scanning depth: ≥160 mm

Store 1000 cases with store and print fuction

Synchronize patient information to the PC

Interface: multi-color display